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Film Festival nods for Inside Hope, the scripte

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I wrote this in response to a prompt for pandemic-inspired work. We'd just gone on lockdown, and I couldn't stop thinking about my life in New York City. The result was Inside Hope.

Table Reads, Atlanta/Austin

The first group to read it was my writing group, seasoned New York writers and performers. When they couldn't agree on what to make of the characters, I knew I was onto something. I love stories that are ambiguous, both in their intention and morality. There is no greater crime in narrative work than being told what to think or how to respond to a story. By the way, I did not get into the festival that gave the original prompt, which is to say, believe in your work rather than what other people think of your work. If you're writing true, you'll connect with readers.


Our first performance was for Creative Pinellas, as part of a live variety show. Coming soon, as part of film festivals in Atlanta (Women's Comedy Film Festival) and Austin (Austin After Dark Film Festival), there will be live, in-person table reads.

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